Friday, March 11, 2011

Customize Your Ice Cream

(This was my entry to the Sassy Scoops contest but I also wanted to post it on my blog too.)

It's not so much a secret anymore that the best place to find some delicious treat is Sub Zero Ice Cream.

SUB ZERO is Cryogenics, the science of ultra cold where they use direct contact freezing.

Which means you get to pick what you want, watch them gather and pour in the ingredients and see it freeze right in front of you. Nothing is frozen before you order!

My favorite part about this place is it's completely customizable! You start out picking your base. You choose from high fat, low fat, yogurt, soy, rice, vegan, apple juice, sherbet, sorbet and custard. (I love this part because even my friends with dietary restrictions can still enjoy a yummy treat.)

Then you can combine that with a mix-in option.

With all these combinations, thats over 25,000 options! I was blown away with all the choices. From several of my favorite candy bars (butterfinger, snickers and oreo) to all sorts of fresh fruit, and of course something little kids love, sprinkles, m&ms, gummie bears and bubble gum!

I can't wait to go back and try the peanut butter flavor with gummi bear mix-ins. My mouth is already watering!

Here's the scoop:

What was your first impression?
I first noticed the huge liquid Nitrogen tank and couldnt wait to see what it was all about.

What did you like the most?
Getting to watch them freeze the ice cream. It's like watching a science experiment and getting a yummy treat at the end. Also I LOVED the consistency of the ice cream. Not quite soft serve, not quite freezer-section-of-the-grocery-store, it was the perfect blend.

What didn't you like?
That I couldn't try more flavors and deliscious-ness. I was just too full!

Would you refer Sub Zero to a friend?
Absolutely! I've already taken a few friends back. Anyone up for a girls night out?

If you could only send out one tweet about this business what would you say?
For a completely customizable ice cream experience go to Sub Zero Ice Cream for over 25,000 options!

They have a several Utah locations including: West Jordan, Centerville, Provo (2), Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Logan, Ogden, & Murray (also locations in Arizona and Idaho).

Inside Scoop!: If you 'like' their facebook page you could enter to win a free one year supply of ice cream. Click on the contest tab for details.


Unknown said...

We have one of those near us & it's so much fun to see the whole process. It does get a little overwhelming, trying to narrow down the choices but I love that place.

Kristie said...

Oh, now I need icecream! This sounds so good!

Olivia Carter said...

Loved this post! And WOOT for you!

Violet said...

Yummy! This is one more reason I need to visit Utah. :)