Monday, March 28, 2011

Marriage Monday: Fiercely Loyal

“When you are married, be fiercely loyal one to another. Selfishness is the great destroyer of happy family life. If you will make your first concern the comfort, the well-being, and the happiness of your companion, sublimating any personal concern to that loftier goal, you will be happy, and your marriage will go on throughout eternity.”

--Gordon B. Hinckley, April 1995

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Jenni Elyse said...

This is such a simple thing to be said, yet it's so hard to do. I know I need to do better in this regard.

Rochelle Brunson said...

This is something that has come so naturally for Scott and I, it seems weird that people need to be reminded to not be selfish.

Kayla said...

This is such great advice! I don't always think about others first, but it's something I've been working on. Mostly because I want fantastic pictures of Brice and I as cute, wrinkly, old people like the one you have posted!

TisforTonya said...

always a good reminder!!

and can I say that I am really excited about conference this weekend... even if I don't get to sleep in :)