Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miss Delacourt Has Her Day

Title: Miss Delacourt Has Her Day
Author: Heidi Ashworth
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: March, 2011
Publisher: Avalon Books
ISBN: 9780803477162
Pages: 192

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Synopsis: Ginny Delacourt felt the course of true love could not have run smoother. After all, it required only a fortnight, a pair of highwaymen, a pox quarantine, a sham betrothal, and a masquerade ball to bring Sir Anthony up to snuff. When her beloved suddenly becomes the heir to his uncle, the Duke of Marcross, protocol dictates that he drop the "Sir" from his name. It's his uncle who insists Ginny, daughter of a lowly vicar, is not the proper bride for a future duke.
Lucinda and Lord Avery arrive on the scene to stir up trouble, and Ginny's normally manipulative Grandaunt Regina seems helpless to arrange anything, least of all a frowned-upon wedding. It's up to Anthony, with help from his fussy valet, to see to it that Ginny has her day.
The road to true love just got a little bumpier.

My take: If I had to describe this book in one word it would be DELIGHTFUL! This was a such a fun read and an enjoyable sequel to the first book Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind. Heidi did a great job furthering the characters storyline and keeping true to the established characters we already know and love. Ginny is trying hard to find her place in society while Anthony is running around trying to complete a few crazy tasks from his Uncle. All the while the two of them are trying to continue their courtship. If you liked the first one, you'll love this one too!

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Heidi's first book, Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind . You'll love it!

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Olivia Carter said...

Great review as always!

Heidi said...

Thanks Debbie! You rock! I like that you added the synopsis--great idea!

Kristie said...

Oh, this sounds good! Guess I need to find it for our next drive to St. George!

LisAway said...

Oh, thanks for the review. I can't wait to get my copy!